Where Women Have No Doctor (Burmese Edition)

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“This handbook has been written primarily for those who live far from medical centers, in places where there is no doctor. But even where there are doctors, people can and should take the lead in their own health care. So this book is for everyone who cares. It has been written in the belief that: 1. Health care is not only everyone’s right, but everyone’s responsibility… 2. Informed self-care should be the main goal of any health program or activity… 3. Ordinary people provided with clear, simple information can prevent and treat most common health problems in their own homes—earlier, cheaper, and often better than can doctors… 4. Medical knowledge should not be the guarded secret of a select few, but should be freely shared by everyone… 5. People with little formal education can be trusted as much as those with a lot. And they are just as smart… 6. Basic health care should not be delivered, but encouraged….. Clearly, a part of informed self-care is knowing one’s own limits. Therefore guidelines are included not only for what to do, but for when to seek help. The book points out those cases when it is important to see or get advice from a health worker or doctor.