Haemoglobin colour scale – Anemia test KIt

Anemia test Kit – Haemoglobin colour scale – Complete kit

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The Kit comes in a self contained sturdy box containing the instructions as well as a colour scale of the 6 shades of red and 600 standardised absorbent test strips.

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Each box contains 600 test strips, instructions and color chart.

Shades represent a range of Haemoglobin values from 4 to 14 gms./dl. By matching the colour of a drop of blood on a strip to one of the shades of red on the test strip or interpolating between two, you can see if the patient is anaemic and, if so the severity of anaemia.

12 g/dl or more – Not anaemic

8-11g/dl – Mild anaemia. Treat with medicine and/or dietary advice.

6-7 g/dl – Marked anaemia. Treat with medicine and dietary advice. May require blood transfusion depending on circumstances.

4-5g/dl – Severe anaemia. Will probably require hospitalisation and blood transfusion as well as medical treatment.

Less than 4g/dl – Critical.

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