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Malaria is preventable and treatable. People need not die from it!

Malaria vaccine approved by WHO


Exciting news! The first Malaria vaccine has been approved by the WHO. This is a major step forward, and will save many lives. The vaccine, which which is called Mosquirix, was developed in Africa, and is about 30% effective against the disease. As time progresses and more research is done …

The fight against Dengue fever is advancing.


recent advances in the reduction of numbers of Aedes Egypti mosquitoes is a good way to reduce Dengue Fever and Zika infections

Buzz Off provides COVID Support in Yangon


Over the past few weeks Buzz Off workers have been supplying food, masks and soap to famikies basly affected by the emergency. With the crisis continuing to grow in Myanmar many families and communities are suffering as unemployimeny grows.

COVID 19 Information sheet


Australian Mercy has released a COVID 19 information sheet for use in all of its projects

Coronavirus (COVID 19) is now a pandemic


The World Health Organization has declared coronavirus (COVID 19) a pandemic. The virus which was first discovered in Wuhan China has now spread to 114 countries, has seen over 120,000 known infections and nearly 5,000 deaths at the time of writing of this post. Whilst symptoms can seem mild for …

Buzz Off responds to flood emergency in Mon State


Buzz Off trainers respond to flood disaster in Myanmar

Comment: A new way to treat nets.


Recent press coverage of research that is testing antimalarials as a means of treating nets has caused much interest. Atovaquone is an antiparasitic drug that is used along with Proguanil to make up the antimalarial known as Malarone, a popular antimalarial often prescribed for travellers from the United States who …

The Indonesian training team are doing a great job!


Last July we trained a team of Buzz Off trainers in Papua, Indonesia. This team were easy to train and very keen. This week we received from the team photos of some of the malaria training that they have been doing in remote Papua. They have been running awareness training …

Doing a half marathon for malaria prevention


Australian Mercy Director Nik Matthews is legging it, big time! He is running a half marathon on October 14 to raise funds for Buzz Off’s work in Myanmar.   A half marathon is not an easy event and Nik is training hard. Every day he pounds the pavement trying to …