Malaria Testing Kit – Shared components x 25 tests (1 Box)

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CareStart™ Malaria RDTs are rapid diagnostic tests that diagnose malaria infection from whole blood of patients in 20 minutes.
Detecting combinations of Plasmodium parasites that cause malaria in humans.
Reliable test results with high sensitivity and specificity.

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– Detect HRP2 (Pf) and pLDH (Pf, Pv, Po, Pm)
– Diagnose all 4 types of malaria (Pf, Pv, Po, Pm) infections
– Distinguish between Pf and other (Pv, Po, Pm) infectionsEach box contains 25 testing kits.

Please Note: This pack contains shared components so they must be kept together.
CareStart Malaria HPR2/pLDH (Pf/PAN) Combo Kits – Contains 25 Test kits, 1 Instruction, 1 Assay buffer, 25 Lancets, 25 Pipettes, 25 Alcohol swabs per BOX
Must be stored between 4-39 degrees C (30-86 F)