1000 LLIN nets distributed into remote Cambodian and Lao villages


981554_654570841263293_3751001779022554305_oEarlier this year Buzz Off donated 1000 LLIN nets to a small group of workers who are in rural parts of Northern Cambodia, and who are also going over the border into Lao. Both Pf and Pv malaria are very bad in these regions for most of the year and the teams have to travel in arduous conditions in order to delver the nets into some of these villages. As each team travels into the region they take a load of nets with them to distribute in villages that are badly effected by Malaria.

In an email to Robin Wales team leader Mordegai wrote;

“We went out to the jungle in Ratanakiri and delivered some nets for a very remote Lao village. The people were very happy and thanked you guys for donating it. We also gave some nets out  near Stung Treng, the people were very happy to receive the nets.

 Thank you very much for the nets. Grahame took heaps the other day and he will be here again the end of the month to take more. Give our big thank you to Australian Mercy and Buzz Off for donating these nets. The tribal people really need them as the rainy season is here and it is already wet in the jungle.”

Net donations from people like you make it possible for us to help people like Morgegai who is working in very remote and difficult areas. Your donation of one net can help to save a life in a remote village.

Donations can be made here on the Australian Mercy secure site