The Indonesian training team are doing a great job!

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Last July we trained a team of Buzz Off trainers in Papua, Indonesia. This team were easy to train and very keen. This week we received from the team photos of some of the malaria training that they have been doing in remote Papua. They have been running awareness training …


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Buzz Off Indonesia Report Now that I have time to catch up here is a short report about our time in Indonesia with Buzz Off. Our purpose was in going to Indonesia was to not only train locals in how to deal with malaria at a local level, but to …

Papua – Indonesia

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Keep Buzz Off Buzzing

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Dear Friends What an amazing work Buzz Off is doing! We often stand in wonder as we look at the results of this project. In Burma alone, over 1,100 people have now been trained, many of them healthcare workers. We have also seen thousands saved from the Pf form of …

Buzz Off Training to team heading to Burma for March Seminar training

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The Buzz Off training team will be heading back to Myanmar at the end of February to run malaria training in Nagaland and Kachin State. The team will be away for approx 3 weeks. These areas are highly malarious and we are looking forward to being with the trainees. This …

Australian scientists pave way for malaria vaccine

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Exciting news from Australia.

Buzz Off needs your help

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Buzz Off is gearing up to go to remote Burma in November and expand the program into Indonesia in 2018. However, in order to do so we need to raise funds. We will need to raise $40,000 as quickly as possible. $20,000 for the Burma and $20,000 to expand the …

Buzz Off training team returns from rural Burma

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The Buzz Off training team has completed its first of two trips to Burma for 2017. The team which sourced personnel from England, Holland, Myanmar, Australia and NZ trained 51 malaria volunteers in Myawaddy (Karen State) and Keng Tung (Shan State). This training took the total number of Burma based …

More LLIN nets distributed in rural Burma

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Buzz Off has been busy distributing LLIN mosquito nets in remote areas of Burma. In January hundreds of nets were distributed in¬†Kyaut Gyi and Thanphyu Zayat. Rapid diagnostic tests were also given to clinics in these areas. Yangon manager Elizabeth Nwe visited the outlying areas and visited families talking to …

Buzz Off announces new training seminars in Myanmar

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The Buzz Off training team will be travelling to Myanmar in late March to train more malaria vulunteers. Seminars are ¬†currently being arranged in Myawaddy (in Karen State) and Kyaing Tong (in Eastern Shan Sate). The training team will be travelling from Yangon, Holland, England and Australia, and will be …