102 New Malaria volunteers trained by Buzz Off in Burma


The Buzzoff seminar team made up of Kiwis, Dutch, Aussie and Burmese members completed the training of 102 new malaria volunteers at Khaunt khi. All of these trainees were from remote areas of Bago region close to Karen State and  a further 52 workers in Mandalay.buzzof seminar

The teaching went very well with us including new teaching on TB in the curriculum.

In Khaut Khi, the venue was the baptist mission hall at it was the biggest available building in town. People from all walks of life attended including those from animist, Buddhist and Christian villages.

The team wishes to thank the Karen Baptist Church the KNU and Karen People’s Party who sanctioned the seminars so they they could be held in the area. Also we wish to thank Saw Tun Aung Mynint (Minister for Races) who personally sought and received permission from the Prime Minister of Myanmar for these seminars to be beld in this restricted zone.

As the team understands it is composed of the first westerners to visit the area to teach in the area in a very long time.

In Mandalay 52 people were trained some coming from remote areas of Kachin state in order to attend.

The training team put an emphasis in giving away audio, video and written material in Burmses languages in forms where it could be used and spread via smart phones. Hundreds of files were spread in this manner.

Your support of Buzz Off is saving lives in Myamar. Further donations can be made here;  https://australianmercy.org/giving/