A new twist in Zika virus outbreak – infections through blood transfusions – Updated


page-1-Aedes-Aegypti-mosquitoOn February 5, 2016, Reuters  reported that the Zika Virus has been spread through infected blood used for blood transfusions. So far the disease has also been spread through sexual contact, and animal bite, and on February 6, 2016, the first reports came though that Zika had been found in human  urine and saliva samples, this is a significant find and the full implications at this time are still unclear, although some scientists are saying that pregnant women should not kiss strangers.

In the US blood banks are rejecting blood donations from people who are returning from Zika infected countries and the CDC have issued new safe sex guidelines with regards to the Zika virus.

In a few short months the Zika virus has greatly affected the way we live; and this is only the beginning of the outbreak! These doorways to infection are all important to address; but the most prolific spreader of Zika Virus is still the Aedes egypti mosquito.mosqLarvaeJar

The killing of mosquitoes and the spraying of mosquito breeding sites and habitat will greatly help in the fight against Zika virus.

Mosquitoes only need a little water in which to breed, you can give them less places to breed by burying  old tins bottles and plastic containers that hold water, they are all potential breeding sites. Fill up puddles of water with dirt or sand. Drain water from old tree stumps and forks in trees. Get rid of old tyres that are lying around, these collect water and mosquitoes can breed in them. Spray the eaves and other dark places around your house where mosquitoes can rest. These simple things will help in the fight against Zika and other mosquito borne diseases.


Zika virus is not a disease that is somewhere else, if you have mosquitoes where you live then Zika virus has the potential to effect your community.  Effective mosquito management will help to save lives.