Amazing feed back from IDP and remote areas of Burma


Buzz Off Campaign Director, David Skeat has just returned from Burma and Thailand where he spent time talking with partners and looking at the effectiveness of the Buzz project. It is hard to get feed back from some areas as they lie deep inside Burma and reports are scarce, however on this trip David was able to connect with two team leaders who were able to confirm 2 very exciting pieces of news.

In some IDP areas deep inside Burma malaria infections have been reduced by over 50% sine Buzz Off has been able to provide support for local clinics and LLIN mosquito nets for distribution. This is an exciting result and we are very happy to see that kind of affective result.

The second report came from the team of Doctors we are providing support for in Shan state their report was the malaria infections in some areas has been reduced by 65% since Buzz Off has been able to resource them with medicines training and access to LLIN nets.

This is an amazing piece of feed back. Buzz Off is working well and people’s lives in remote areas are being saved as a result of the campaign.

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