Buzz Off seeks to extend its malaria campaign in Burma


Buzz Off is looking at innovative ways through which it can extend its malaria work in Burma. At the present time  are seeking a new round of funding for 2013 and three years beyond but have not as yet heard back from the anonymous donors who have funded us over the past 3 years.

Our programs financial needs in 2013 alone will well exceed $200,000 but the results continue to be very encouraging.

Over the past 3 years the project in Burma has seen more than 30,000 lives saved, has distributed nearly 30,000 LLIN nets into remote areas including IDP communities close to Thailand / Burma border. It has trained over 300 malaria workers and created four health networks in regional areas. It has provided microscopy training for IDP clinics in the border region and produced visual aids that have been distributed to clinics and health networks in remote areas of Burma.

This year we used solar powered micro data projectors to take the Buzz Health training Seminars into very remote areas. Our in country partners are reporting significant reductions in Malaria deaths in communities which have been ngaged through the Buzz Off program.

In 2013 Buzz Off is set to start a public information program in Secondary schools in Yangon and in the regional areas of Burma in 2014. It has produced the first known Burmese malaria website (

You can assist the work Buzz Off by donating though our website or by making our campaign known to corporations or potential donors who can empower us to meet these targets. More information can be obtained by emailing [email protected]