Buzz Off sets up new MED project in Myanmar


Buzz Off has just released a small grant to a Myanmar based indigenous NGO to finance the pilot of a Micro Enterprise Development project where participants receive small grant to set up a small business that treats mosquito nets.

The small grant pays for a small quantity of nets and treatments to start the business off.

The business owners, who have been trained by Buzz Off in net treatment procedures, operate in remote areas and treat and retreat nets for the cost of the treatment plus a small fee. They also sell generic nets which they can also treat.

The idea behind the business is that people with mosquito nets will have access to treatments to make sure their nets remain affective, and generic treated nets will also be available to families who can afford to buy them.

We expect to know in 6 months how the pilot project has gone.

On-line donations to Buzz Off’s work in Myanmar can be made through the Australian Mercy website here you can use either credit card or PayPal.