Buzz Off team trains another 102 malaria volunteers in Myanmar


IMG_9011The Buzz Off training team have  trained another 102 malaria volunteers in Myanmar as part of the Buzz Off malaria campaign.

55 volunteers were trained in Loikaw in Kyah State and a further 47 in Taungyi the capital of Shan State.

The team were surprised to see people in the seminars who had travelled from Mae Sai in Thailand, Kalay and two students had travelled over 160Km (100 miles) in order to attend the seminar.

These seminars have been refined over several years and continue to be updated. On this trip we were able to do 10 Burmese language videos about malaria that will be added to the


Buzz Off Burmese site A DVD will also be produced for those who do not have access to the internet.

In Loikaw when we did the malaria testing of students one tested positive to Vivax malaria, we were able to help her with the right medications.

Tranlsaters have been found for the Chin and Karen languages so we are hoping that by the end of 2014 even more material will be available in other Burmese languages other than Burman. (Burman is the national language of Mynamar but is not spoken in all states of the nation.)

So far Buzz Off malaria seminars have been run in Mandalay, Lashio, Sittwe, Maubin, Hpa’An, Mon State, Bago, Mawlamyine, Loikaw and Taungyi.


Later in 2014 seminars will be run in Chin and Kachin states.

These seminars have been made possible through the generous donations of a Charity in Singapore that wishes to remain anonymous.

Donations to Buzz Off’s work inside Myanmar can be made through our secure site.