World Malaria Day


wmd2015_header_imageApril 25 is World Malaria Day, a time to stop to see how the quest to fight malaria is going. The WHO site is found  here,


At Buzz Off we are working mainly in Burma, we have some work we are doing in  Papua New Guinea and we are trying to start working Indonesia.

To celebrate world Malaria Day we want to look at the results we are seeing in Burma.

Since 2008 Buzz Off has;

* Trained 781 malaria volunteers who are working in their villages to reduce malaria.

* Distributed 40,831 LLIN nets into malaria endemic communities. (This is coverage for over 120,000 people!)

*  We have provided treatments to remote clinics for thousands of people and distributed 27,390 Rapid Diagnostic Tests into remote clinics.

* We have produced 20 short malaria videos in the Burmese language and are distributing them in Burma via internet and smart phone.

* We have trained more than 20 microscopists and produced microscopy bench aids in Sgaw Karen and Burmese.

* We have commenced running awareness seminars in High Schools in Yangon and some regional areas.

Your support of Buzz Off is reaping rewards for the people of Burma.

At this time we a re desperate fr funds for mosquito nets for the IDP zones close t the Thai Border – we need to get them delivered before the monsoons hit in a few weeks time you can donate funds for nets through the Australian Mercy Secure Site .  Just select Buzz Off (Nets) from the drop down menu


Thank you for your support