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Malaria is preventable and treatable. People need not die from it!

The Indonesian training team are doing a great job!

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Last July we trained a team of Buzz Off trainers in Papua, Indonesia. This team were easy to train and very keen. This week we received from the team photos of some of the malaria training that they have been doing in remote Papua. They have been running awareness training …

Papua – Indonesia

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Buzzoff in IndonesiaFor three weeks in June and July 2018 we will have a team in Papua a province of Indonesia. They will be working with local communities to develop their own training program which can be used to multiply the awareness and skills needed to combat malaria. The team …

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Dear Friends What an amazing work Buzz Off is doing! We often stand in wonder as we look at the results of this project. In Burma alone, over 1,100 people have now been trained, many of them healthcare workers. We have also seen thousands saved from the Pf form of …